We’ve tried to list as many basic starting prices as possible. It’s hard to list all the variables of your garment.

Hem $16.00
Cuffs $18.00
Longer and face $17.00
Waist and seat in or out $18&up
Waist, seat, crotch, and thighs in or out $34.00
Crotch in our out only $17.00
Waist darts $19.00
Hips in $21&up
Hips in with zipper $27.00
Hips in with zipper (lined) $37.00
New zipper $25.00
Suspender buttons $3.50
Regular Hem $16.00
Original Hem $25.00
Take in back seam with seat $28.00
Taper legs $19&up
Replace zipper $26.00
Patch $11&up
Hem sleeves (vented) $35.00
Shorten jacket $47.00
Take in or let out 2 seams $36.00
Taper 2 front and back seams and reset sleeves $95.00
Top Coat
Shorten or lengthen sleeves $31&up
Sleeves longer and face $40.00
Sides in or out $37.00
Shorten bottom $47&up
New pockets $26.00
Close vent $26.00
Adjust collar $40.00
Center seam in or out $26.00
Bridal Dress
Take in or out sides up to sleeve $45.00
Take in through zipper, reset zipper $55.00
Add bra cups $15.00
Shirts, blouse
Shorten sleeves, move cuff and placket $28.00
Taper slides/sleeves $26.00
Darts $19.00
Hem straight bottom $21&up
Take in sides with top stitching $28.00
Shorten or lengthen $27-29
Shorten (lined) $31.00
Longer and face $29-31
Waist in or out (1 seam) $19-21
Waist in or out (2 seams) $26-29
Waist in or out and sides into hem $29.00
Waist in or out and sides into hem (lined) $31&up
Other Alterations
Buttons $3.50 each
Button holes $5.50 each
Sew on patches $11&up
New zipper in coats $31&up
New snaps $3.50
Custom or pattern- pricing depends on size $26&up
Add zipper $26.00
Dress (non-formal)
Take in or out sides up to sleeve (add 10 for lined) $26&up
Raise shoulders, reset collar and/or sleeves $26&up
Shorten or lengthen sleeves $21&up
Shorten spaghetti straps $19.00
Shorten hem (add 7 for lined) $27&up
Bias cut hem $27&up
Chiffon, each full layer $47&up
Hem any fabric layer above 200″ $78&up
Add facing $26.00
Leather Alterations
Leather taper (pants) $36.00
Leather new zipper (pants or skirt) $31&up
Leather shorten sleeves (suits and jackets) $43&up